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WPT Championship: Can You Beat Bold Guarantees?

WSOP Paradise has started handing out gold bracelets, and the WPT is getting ready to start its main series. The World Poker Tour Festival has been held at various venues including the Bellagio, Aria, Borgata, and more, but Wynn was recently selected as the primary venue for the new record.

When the inaugural tournament took place at Wynn last year, most people in the poker world knew something truly momentous was happening. The stars aligned and the WPT confidently passed the $15,000,000 guarantee mark (a record in 2022) and raised over $29 million.

A few months later, the WPT was deservedly named Best Poker Event at the Global Poker Awards.

The Wynn Hotel has been described as one of the most pleasant and comfortable venues in all of Las Vegas, so the operators did not change the venue, but returned to the original venue. Entrance. However, the risks are very high. Will Maria Konnikova have $40 million in WPT tournament mystery bounty?

The WPT has historically had precedents of far exceeding the stated guaranteed amount. At the same time, the prize pool increased for the next game, but the results were not good.

In order to fulfill the stated guarantees, the WPT must gather at least 4,000 participants willing to pay at least $$10,400 per participation. Satellites will account for around 10% of entries – the operator will host the tournament on its online platform and distribute packages to the tournament.

You can also participate via live broadcast satellite. Release day starts on December 12th and lasts a little over a week. This provides as many opportunities as possible to avoid overlays.

The WPT has hired a host of big names to promote the series. To attract hordes of poker players to Las Vegas, legends like Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen spend next to nothing (considering their limits) , and defraud amateur players on the spot for $5/$10. Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey

Many poker experts are predicting an overlap in WPT tournaments. The operators themselves may be willing to do so, but the main goal is to raise more than $29 million and improve on last year’s results. The right combination

Faced with fierce competition at WSOP Paradise and EPT Prague, WPT organizers took a comprehensive approach to achieve maximum participation for the championship. A highlight is the celebrities announced in advance. However, other benefits outweigh your favorite player’s autograph.

The second reason is to return to Wynn. This is the favorite casino for tens of thousands of poker players. It’s practical, comfortable, and affordable. The WPT brings the best staff to their series so their festival service is always top notch. Even Aria regulars like Negreanu call the Wynn the most comfortable and enjoyable place to play poker. WPT Tournament Organizing Team

The third reason is a cool schedule that will attract a wide variety of players, from tourists to poker enthusiasts from Indiana or France. Even ignoring the main tournament, Wynn has a ton of events in December:

  • WPT Prime Championship: Inexpensive $1,100 tournament with satellites and $5,000,000 Security deposit. With 10 starting flying days and live finals, there’s something for both pros and amateurs.
  • NLHE Tournament: The tournament has a higher buy-in of $3,000, but the prize pool is a massive $1,000,000 guaranteed.
  • Mystery Bounty: A tournament that no poker series should be without. By Vegas standards, the entry fee is $1,600 and the prize pool is $2,000,000.

The program has many mixed play activities. There’s the Omaha Tournament, 8-Tournament and Omaha 8-Tournament as well as more professional events: the Banker’s Choice Tournament and Women’s Event and the NLH Seniors High Roller. The latter brings together old-school players who can afford the $10,000 purchase price.Scotty Nguyen has joined the game. The icing on the cake is One Drop

The legendary One Drop tournament is back for the first time in a long time. Despite the $1,000,000 buy-in, around 20 poker players have announced their participation, with the number of players expected to exceed 30 by mid-December.

Even those players who are currently participating in other series, there will be a drop. For example, Jason Koon and Artur Martirosyan are currently competing for a bracelet in the Bahamas, but both are confirmed for the WPT.

This combination of low-cost events, high-stakes events, satellite events and hundreds of gift packages ensure a high turnout for the WPT. Despite some overlap in the Main Event, the operator is on track to claim the Best Poker Series of 2023 award for a second time.

WPT Championship: Can You Beat Bold Guarantees?

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    The text discusses the World Poker Tour (WPT) and its upcoming series at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. It highlights the success of the previous tournament at Wynn, where the WPT exceeded its $15,000,000 guarantee and raised over $29 million. The text also mentions the risks involved in meeting the guarantee for the upcoming tournament and the use of satellites to attract participants. It further discusses the presence of popular poker players like Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen to promote the series and attract more players.

    The text emphasizes the appeal of the Wynn Hotel as a venue, known for its comfort and affordability, and the variety of events being offered during the tournament, catering to different types of players. It also mentions other notable events, such as the Mystery Bounty and the One Drop tournament with its high buy-in. Overall, the text presents the upcoming WPT series at the Wynn Hotel as a significant and exciting event in the world of professional poker.

  • This text provides information and highlights about the World Poker Tour (WPT) festival that takes place at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. It mentions the success and record-breaking achievements of the previous WPT tournament at Wynn. The text also discusses the risks and challenges the organizers face in meeting the guaranteed prize pool. It mentions the involvement of famous poker players like Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen in promoting the series. The text highlights the appeal of Wynn as a venue, mentioning its comfort and affordability. It also provides details about various tournaments and events that will take place during the festival, including the return of the One Drop tournament with its high buy-in. Overall, the text gives a comprehensive overview of the upcoming WPT festival at Wynn and its efforts to attract a wide range of participants and surpass previous records.

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