Vitor Moreira wins New Year’s Series Event 64-H


Vitor Moreira wins New Year's Series Event 64-H

In a lucrative period for the Brazilian New Year Series, Vitor Moreira takes the podium in Event 64-H: $320 NL Hold’em 8-Max. “Vitorbrasil” account holders’ balances increased by a total of $17,802. Rodrigo “lelecosfc7” Leandro finished fourth for $7,289. There were 314 participants in the championship.

In Event 64-M: $33 NL Hold’em 8-Max, Murilo “gusmao11” Gusmão emerged as the winner and took home $16,865. “juninnr8” lost the 3-player match and won $8,568.

Jonathan “johnyguedes1” Guedes won the silver medal and $8,752 in the regular $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition.

In Event 65-M: $22 NL Hold’em 5-Max, Gustavo “TavimWin” Braz came within one hand of winning $8,612.

Finally, “kaique255” finished fourth in Event 58-L: $11 NL Hold’em 8-Max Super Tuesday Playoffs, earning $8,548.

Vitor Moreira wins New Year's Series Event 64-H

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    This text provides information about several winners in different poker events in Brazil, highlighting their prize amounts. It emphasizes the financial success of Vitor Moreira, Murilo Gusmão, Jonathan Guedes, and others, showcasing their achievements in these competitions.

  • This text provides a summary of various poker events and the earnings of the winners and participants. It showcases the success and monetary gains of Brazilian players in these tournaments.

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