Vadim Shlez Wins WSOP Bracelet


The WSOP bracelet series has only just begun, but our players already have their The first bracelet champion. Ukraine’s Vadim Shlez won his first World Series title in the $1,500 Limit Hold’em tournament.

Another notable feature of the victory was that it was the first time in WSOP history that a Ukrainian player won head-to-head. – Vadim faced his compatriot Rostislav Sabishenko in the final.

On the way to the gold bracelet, Vadim defeated a bunch of serious pros in the limit game: Adam Friedman, David Baker, Joe McKeehan, Nick Shulman, Patrick Leonard, and many other poker pros.

WSOP Event #7 attracted 527 entrants with a $703,545 prize pool and 80 players in the payout. Apart from Vadim and Rostislav, there are no Russian-speaking poker players in the ITM.

The competition traditionally lasts for three days. With 17 players entering Day 3, Vadim is one of the main contenders for the elimination and is 13th in chips. However, he was able to increase the chip count in the box and claim his first WSOP victory in his 18-year career.

“I’ve been working on this most of my life. I started.” “I’ve been playing poker almost since the WSOP. Start your favorite game,” commented Shlez.

Vadim has so far focused on no-limit hold’em and only started playing limit hold’em. They played intensively a few months ago.

The Ukrainian entered heads-up with a near-equal stack – 6 million to Vadim’s 7 million. The one-on-one play didn’t last long, and Schleitz quickly took most of his opponent’s chips. Rostislav managed to double down on several occasions, but that didn’t save him – on the last deal, Sabishchenko went all-in on the board, and Vadim ended with . Folding on the river, Vadim walked away with his gold bracelet and $146,835 in cash.

The Ukrainian has not given up and will continue to play in the WSOP in search of his second bracelet. His wife was also a contender for his first title and was an active participant in the series.

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  • Klocko.dandre

    This text provides an overview of Vadim Shlez’s victory in the $1,500 Limit Holdem tournament at the WSOP. It highlights that his win was notable as it was the first time a Ukrainian player won head-to-head in WSOP history. The text also mentions the number of entrants, prize pool, and Vadim’s plans to continue playing in search of his second bracelet.

  • This text provides information about Vadim Shlez, a Ukrainian poker player, who won his first WSOP bracelet in the $1,500 Limit Holdem tournament. It highlights the significance of his victory as the first time a Ukrainian player has won head-to-head in WSOP history and mentions some of the notable opponents he defeated along the way.

  • It’s an exciting and inspiring story about Vadim Shlez winning his first WSOP bracelet in the Limit Holdem tournament, making history as the first Ukrainian player to win head-to-head. His dedication and persistence paid off, and it’s great to see his passion for the game shine through in his victory.

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