Saturday is a big day in the CCP Million grid


CCP Million Saturday will feature two main event q...

Saturday This will be a big day for the CCP Million campaign to continue as it enters its final stages. On the first day of the weekend, players will have two qualifiers for the main event, which is probably the most coveted, and new ones will also start.

The Main Event, which has a buy-in of R$ 600, a guarantee of R$ 500,000 and opportunities throughout the afternoon and evening, starting on Days 1D and 1E. Day 1D takes place with a regular structure (40 minutes with blinds), starting at 2pm. Day 1E will be played in a Turbo structure with 20 minutes of blinds and starts at 9pm.

Freeze scheduled for 4pm conduct. Freezeout is one of the most popular tournaments for players due to the single buy-in option. At this time, the buy-in fee is 400 reais and the margin is as high as 30,000 reais. The blind time is 20 minutes.

There was still excitement on the track Saturday night. For those who prefer Omaha, the PLO Turbo KO has a $250 guarantee and a $20,000 guarantee. The tournament is expected to kick off at 11pm and there is expected to be plenty of activity for players.

CCP Million Saturday will feature two main event q...

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  • Christop.mccullough

    This text discusses the upcoming events in the CCP Million campaign, highlighting the qualifiers and main event with significant prizes. It also mentions the popularity of freezeout tournaments and an Omaha event with guaranteed prizes, indicating potential excitement for players on Saturday.

  • This text provides information about the CCS Million campaign and its upcoming events, including qualifiers for the main event with a buy-in of R$600 and a guarantee of R$500,000. It mentions different structures and blind times for the tournaments, as well as an Omaha event with guarantees. Overall, it seems to be promoting the excitement and opportunities for players in the upcoming weekend.

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