Players from Five Countries Win KSOP GGPoker Argentina Package


Players from five countries will win packages from...

Poker players can enjoy the privileges of multiple countries without spending a lot of money. For example, on GGPoker you can go to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina for only $50.

The world’s largest site has hosted several satellites for the first international phase of KSOP over the past month, with last week’s package winners coming from Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile and Peru.

In addition to staying at the Mercure Puerto Iguazu Hotel, which is very close to the city center, the casino and the headquarters of the music festival are all free to enter the main event. The tournament has a buy-in fee of R$ 2,500 and a prize money of at least R$ 1 million.

See the list of package winners:

BRA – Kikotm

BRA – Riskgambler

BRA – MarioTJ


BRA – BombCrazyBR


ARG – iven05

CAN – miamilima

CHI – arguz

PER – yolopokkala

also has the potential to win a ticket to the Main Event at the GGPoker tables. These satellites start at $5. The following are confirmed for this week’s tournament:

BRA – MAntunes

BRA – NewFishLuis

BRA -riskgambler


BRA – PMilani

BRA – SiteBoooom

BRA – Pretto94

ARG – Facundo Trigueiro

ARG – CuestaVida


Before KSOP GGPoker Argentina begins, the country’s +EV circuit will take over the GGPoker tables in the first edition of KSOP Online. There will be 37 tournaments to be played between June 4th and 12th, with individual trophies awarded to all winners of the Rio event.

Players from five countries will win packages from...

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  • This text promotes the benefits of poker players being able to travel to different countries at low costs through platforms like GGPoker. It mentions specific package winners from various countries and highlights the upcoming KSOP Online tournaments in Argentina.

  • This text highlights the opportunities for poker players to enjoy the benefits of multiple countries at a low cost, particularly through the GGPoker platform. It mentions specific locations such as Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, and emphasizes the prizes and events available.

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