microFestival Debuts on GGPoker with $10M Guaranteed Prizes


Before the end of the biggest MTT event in Internet history, GGPoker decided to hold another big series.

This Sunday, October 4th, players will start wagering at low prices, finding dozens of micro-festival tournaments in the lobby of the site. Buy-ins range from $1.88 to $25, and the attraction is handing out at least $10 million in prizes through June 25.

The main event of the microFestival will bring together many poker enthusiasts. Mystic KO comes with a $1,000,000 warranty. The format has an entry fee of $10.80 and features multiple qualifying rounds.

“Poker isn’t just about the high stakes and high bankroll pressure we watch on TV,” said GGPoker Managing Director Sarne Lightman.

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