Ka Kwan Lau showed his form in the €10,000 High Roller at EPT Barcelona (1st place, €910,400).


Ka Kwan Lau showed his form in the €10,000 High Ro...

Ka Kwan Lau Captures the second most important event after the Main Event, the three-day €10,000 High Roller, capping off an extraordinary Pokerstars event at Casino de Barcelona Concurrent with the EPT Finals.

Kaju hasn’t stopped writing the golden pages of Spanish poker.

He must wait until live poker action resumes in May 2021 to secure his final spot in the postponed 2020 WPT Los Angeles Poker Classic finals, which has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. He welcomed his return to action with a second-place finish in the 2021 WSOP 25kS PLO High Roller Event. He won the WCOOP ME in the 2022 PLO and now caps off a fruitful summer with a victory, during which he also collected a live bracelet and $2.3 million for his loss at the WSOP two years ago. The HU Revenge $25k PLO HR was also the best Spanish player in the EPT Barcelona Main Event.

The Cantabrians have nothing to do on day three of €10,000 HR.

There are still five tables packed with former EPT championsRazvan Belea, Dominik Panka and Patrik Antoniusfull. He is ranked eighth in the overall rankings, and the biggest names in online poker, such as Vlad Darie and Francisco Benitez, all have more chips than him.

Kaju showed that when he gets his fourth punt, he plays without fear. The Italian Simone Andrian, check-raised on the monochrome flop with AK5 hearts and pressed the river with 4 hearts. When he finally got Andrian to fold, he showed him the 47 of spades.

At thefirst break, with 26 players remaining, Kaju was in sixth place and was now chasing a charging man Igor Yaroshevskyy .

Mehdi Chaoui, Dominik Panka, Andreas Nemeth and Francisco Benitez were the most notable eliminations at the penultimate table of the tournament, and in Kaju’s case, he ended up getting​ ​To redraw the chip leader’s position.

The deck performed well and Lau went all-in on one of the big stacks with QQ against TT, meaning over 100b in prize money awaited him by dinner time on the upcoming final table bubble.

Lithuania’s Vladas Tamasaukas and France’s Alexandre Reard are the only consecutive threats to the Spanish finals’ privileged position. Although Kaju was doubling up more and more of his short stacks, the pressure he put on his larger stacks allowed him to even out the win and even add some points.

For now, the clock is Kaju’s biggest enemy. At this point, we were the only ones able to get our stack down to under 50BB, but when the all-in finally tied, Kaju got over it. This, and the short stack begins to show off under his scythe. Almost a kilogram, with a heads-up prize of more than 300,000 euros.

  1. Ka Kwan Lau €910,400
  2. Ouassini Mansouri €568,750
  3. Vladas Tamasauskas €406,250
  4. Eric Sfez €312,550 312,550
  5. Maher Nouira €240,400 240,400
  6. Alexandre Reard 184,950 184,950 €
  7. Alexander Shevlyakov 142,300 € 142,300
  8. Toby · Joyce 109,450 € 109,450
  9. Francisco Pilato 85,250 € 85,250

Kaju Live prize money is now close to $6 million, with more than half coming in 2023 season, his only million-dollar season since making his track debut in 2010.

Ka Kwan Lau showed his form in the €10,000 High Ro...

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  • Nicolette.sauer

    This text provides an overview of Ka Kwan Lau’s achievements in the world of poker, highlighting his recent victories and success in various tournaments. It mentions his participation in the postponed 2020 WPT Los Angeles Poker Classic finals and his strong performance in the 2021 WSOP event. Overall, it portrays Lau as a skilled and accomplished player in the poker community.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Ka Kwan Lau’s accomplishments in the world of poker, highlighting his victories and earnings. It demonstrates his skill and success in various tournaments, establishing him as a notable and talented player.

  • This text provides an overview of Ka Kwan Lau’s achievements in various poker tournaments, highlighting his wins and ranking. It also mentions the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the poker circuit and his pursuit of securing a spot in the postponed 2020 WPT Los Angeles Poker Classic finals. Overall, the text showcases Lau’s success in the poker world.

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