He won the biggest poker payout of the year at the Enjoy Viña del Mar event.


He won the biggest poker payout of the year at the...

In one of those incredible nights of poker that everyone wants to have, one lucky family player won a record 1.9 at the Enjoy Casino in Viña del Mar million dollar bonus. The exciting event took place at the Draw Poker 5 tables in the early hours of last Sunday.

The absence of competitive poker at Enjoy Viña del Mar remains notable.

The mysterious winner, 38 years old, of oriental descent, decided to keep his identity a secret, using only his first name showing the initials: SCH. S.H. reportedly celebrated his birthday just two days before the stunning win.

Casino Says 1.9 The $100 million prize pool is the largest awarded this year. Sch. He made his fortune by getting the coveted rare royal flush hand, a rare combination that astounded everyone. “I still can’t believe it. You come to play to have fun, but getting one of the rarest cards and making $190 million is almost unrealistic,” S.H. said in disbelief.

Rodrigo Bórquez, General Manager of Enjoy Viña, made no secret of his excitement when commenting on this unprecedented milestone: “We are delighted to present these awards” because of the great has had a positive impact on the lives of , but it also represents a major milestone for our casino as it is the highest amount delivered in 2023. ”

While news of this incredible victory spread quickly through the media throughout Chile. Although not part of sports poker, $190 million (equivalent to approximately $246,000) is an event worth highlighting on every news broadcast. In a country where this kind of money is considered surreal, S.H.’s performance has everyone excited to learn more about the exciting world of poker.

He won the biggest poker payout of the year at the...

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