Felipe Ketzer dominates 25K EPT Barcelona, ​​claiming first place and over €255,000 in prize money


Felipe Ketzer dominates 25K EPT Barcelona, ​​claim...

In the first 25km race of the EPT Barcelona, ​​Felipe Keizer made it clear that he went to Catalonia to accumulate championships. He was the leader for much of the race, but after beating 28 competitors, he screamed for victory. In total he won €255,480.

Ketzer took the lead from the first level. He hit 8♥7CheckQ♠QCheck8♠ directly with K♥Q♠ and immediately called Kayhan Mokri’s all-in, who only had 10♠9♣. According to PokerNews, at the end of the hand, Ketzer warned his opponent: “Don’t bluff Brazil.”

No other Brazilian on the field could keep up with Ketzer. In a blind war, he called Pablo Brito’s opening shove and showed Q 9♠. With K 6 ♦ , the Bahians lost on the board 2♣J♠8♠9 ♦4 and were eliminated.

Although Pablo fired two more shots, he didn’t even make it to the Financial Times. Bruno Volkmann, on the other hand, reached the tiebreaker, but the Santa Catarina native failed preflop. When he exited, he had 8 BBS when he made the open putt. Eduard Barsegyan was the only one to pay and submit A♥6♥. Bruno, the owner of J♣8♣, was not saved by the edge of A♣8♠6♠10♣9♥.

Not long after, Timothy Adams landed on the ITM bubble. After winning the Triton London Main Event, he made a fake all-in and followed Kayhan Mokri into the money. After the flop of K♣J♣J♠, Adams pushed his last chip into the middle of the table. Mokri instacall and show K 10♠. Adams dominated with A♣8♥ but was still underdog on the turn 6♥ and the river 2♠.

Same level, Ketzer sends Ottomar Ladva home. In this showdown between two online stars, Ketzer’s A♥Q♣ went up against the Estonian player’s K♠Q♦. The board of 6♠J♣3♥2♥4♥ confirmed Ketzer’s victory and extended his lead.

Ketzer’s next victim was his one-on-one opponent. After doubling in chips, Eduard Barsegyan had a good chance to knock Ketzer off the top spot, but it was the Brazilian’s day. With K♠4♥ against K♣5♦, the team members celebrated the start of the 2♥10♥4♦4♣5♥ hand.

A total of €672,280 won in high rollers at EPT Barcelona. The breakdown is as follows:

1. Felipe Ketzer (Brazil) €255,480

2. Eduard Barsegyan (Russia) €164,700

3. Lei Yu (China) €109,200

4. Kayhan Mokri (Norway) €79,000

5. Ottomar Ladva (Estonia) €63,900

Felipe Ketzer dominates 25K EPT Barcelona, ​​claim...

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  • Bertha.stroman

    This text seems to be a summary or report about a poker tournament in Barcelona, with Felipe Ketzer from Brazil emerging as the winner. It provides details about the game and the players involved, as well as the monetary prizes they won.

  • This text appears to be a summary of a poker tournament in EPT Barcelona, highlighting the success of Felipe Ketzer, a Brazilian player who won the race and accumulated a significant prize sum. The text also mentions other players and their ranks in the tournament.

  • This text seems to be a recap of a poker tournament at EPT Barcelona, with a focus on Felipe Ketzer’s success and dominance in the competition. Ketzer’s impressive victories and strategy are highlighted, ultimately leading to his top placement and substantial cash prize.

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