Doug Polk Loses Head-Up WSOP Bracelet


Doug Polk misses another heads-up tournament brace...

Doug Polk proves again that he is the world One of the best heads-up players on the Internet. In the $25,000 heads-up tournament, Doug was one step away from another gold bracelet, finishing second for $313,362.

Victory went to Canadian-born Changrasi Khun. This earned him his first WSOP bracelet and over $500,000 in prize money.

Heads-up tournaments are traditionally held in a limited format – 64 participants, of which only two of our poker players: Artur Matilosian and Nikita Bodyakov ski. Russian players failed to pass the first stage, and Belarusian players passed the first stage but did not enter the semi-finals.

In addition to our players, there are many poker stars from all over the world participating in the tournament Tournament participants: Daniel Negreanu, Sean Deeb, Eric Sidel, Justin Bonomo, Dominic Nietzsche, Phil Ivey, Steven Chidwick , Chance Cornuth and Landon Theis.

Doug Polk is considered one of the favorites to start. He has a huge support group and every hand cheers loudly. Polk made it to the semifinals, then went head-to-head with the Canadian for the bracelet.

Doug had the chip lead and ended up leaving some blinds to his opponent. But Khun was able to rebuild the stack. The decisive hand was the one in which Doug didn’t end in a tie and put all his chips in the middle of the table. Khun recognized the bluff and called with pocket sixes.

The next hand turned out to be a bit strange. Doug raised and was called by his opponent. The flop is dealt, and the opponent flops. The turn is a check check. On the river, Khun had a flush and both players flopped again.

“Ten-hai,” Khun announced, misunderstood his hand but still took another pot.

I was already on the next hand, and the Canadian took it all pre-flop and snatched another of Doug’s bracelets.

Doug Polk misses another heads-up tournament brace...

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  • This text discusses Doug Polk’s performance in a recent $25,000 heads-up poker tournament, where he finished second. The victory went to Changrasi Khun, a Canadian player who won his first WSOP bracelet and over $500,000 in prize money.

  • This text provides a summary of a poker tournament where Doug Polk, considered one of the best heads-up players, finished second and Canadian player Changrasi Khun won the tournament. The text also mentions other participants and highlights the key moments of the final hands.

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