Delaloye leads Godzilla DeepStack Day 2


Delaloye leads Godzilla DeepStack Day 2

Godzilla DeepStack at its best. After four Day 1 events and an exciting Day 2 this Thursday, Facundo Delaloye leads 18 finalists to battle for the final table and title this Friday.

Delaloye won 1,298,000 for Delaloye after registering 261 entrants worth $120,000 and establishing a $25,995,600 pot for distribution among the top 36 players chips, thus securing his victory

Silvina Solano ) for second in chips, tied with Colo Di Girolamo.

Following behind was Silvina Solano ($1,265,000) and Matías Tagliani ($1,202,000) came in third. Francisco Araujo (1,186,000) and Gonzalo Velozo (1,030,000) are the other two with over a million chips.

day 2 of 10 levels Action-packed, Luis Cabrera walked off like a cash bubble as the prize pool opened up, losing to Silvina Solano in a pre-flop all-in ) after the last cashless person, and the last cashless person.


The 18 finalists will return to Class 21 at 15.00 this Friday, blind The bets are 8,000/16,000, with an additional 16,000 antes returned to the table. While the dream of being the champion is $6,454,707, all have already earned their minimum prize of $270,354 by the 18th.

Godzilla DeepStack Finalists Facundo Delaloye – 1,298,000 Silvina Solano – 1,265,000 Matias Tagliani – 1,202,000 Francisco Araujo – 1,186,000 Gonzalo Velozo – 1,030,000 Ariel Rosanova – 939,000 Alex is Romero Hernandez – 889,000 Franco Parieri – 788,000 Diego Arta Milano – 786,000 Horacio Coglia – 605,000 Samuel Yoon – 599,000 Marcos Rodriguez Grassi – 364,000 Cristian Lopez – 354,000 Cesar Luis Gotti – 313,000 Marcelo Belleri – 266,000 Cristian Quinones – 207,000 David Molina – 207,000 Mathias Veron – 175,000

Delaloye leads Godzilla DeepStack Day 2

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  • This text provides an update on the Godzilla DeepStack poker tournament, highlighting the top players and their chip counts. It also mentions that the minimum prize for the 18 finalists is $270,354, with the potential champion winning $6,454,707.

  • Merle.ritchie

    This text provides an update on the Godzilla DeepStack tournament, stating that Facundo Delaloye is leading the 18 finalists who will compete for the final table and title. It also mentions the chip counts of the top players and provides details on the blind bets and minimum prize earnings.

  • Kozey.aurelie

    It seems to be a recap of a poker tournament called Godzilla DeepStack, with Facundo Delaloye leading the 18 finalists going into the final table. The text also mentions the prize amounts and chip counts for some of the top players.

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