CAP Iguazú: High Roller defined


CAP Iguazú: High Roller defined

First Buenos Aires, then Santa Rosa in La Pampa, then Rosario , since yesterday it was Iguazu. The Argentine Poker Tour has not stopped touring the country and is now celebrating the fourth event of its 11th season, CAP Iguazú, with live coverage today – final table High Roller matches will be broadcast exclusively.

The tournament, the most expensive event of the holiday season, started yesterday with a buy-in of $410,000 for the first day and ended with Andres Dos Santos becoming the chip leader with 375,000 chips leader. Registration is open until 2 today, with a starting stack of 45,000 chips and blinds increasing every 40 minutes. When the final table is determined, broadcast will begin with Manuel Sanchez and Emanuel Marso as hosts.

The main event will also start at CAP Iguazu.

Additionally, the Main Event will start with three races (the last being Turbo) at $205,000 per ticket, running today through Sunday, and then the winner will Decided at the final table, which will also be broadcast live on our screens.

In the Main Event, players will start with 40,000 chips and face 11 50-minute levels on Day 1 (25 minutes on Day 1C Turbo), while re-entry is open to Level 8 .

Then there are fields and a very interesting tournament schedule where you also get an $80,000 buy-in startup, $85,000 Mystery Bounty , a $90,000 Progressive KO and other rewards for the famous Second Chance, this time with a $100,000 buy-in. The table is already set.

CAP Iguazú: High Roller defined

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