André Luís Berlanda Flops, Finishes 12th in WSOP Summer Circuit Main Event


André Luís Berlanda Flops, Finishes 12th in WSOP S...

Brazil holds the record for WSOP Summer Circuit titles and almost made it to the final table of the Main Event with two players. Vinícius “RealGanjaBoy” Miranda (14th) and André Luis “AAlecriM” Berlinda (12th) were eliminated within five minutes, exiting the GGPoker court with $26,859 in prize money.

Vinícius’ deck has taken a major blow. When he announced a straight all-in from the trumpet, he left with 6 BBS. Then big “UncrownedK” called and showed J♣7♠. With K 7♥ in hand, Vinicius saw his opponent find one of his outs on the J 3♠8♠3♦6♠ board.

At the same level, Andre increased his stack from 9 BBs to the middle of the table. CL “nachtschicht” was the only one to call and bring 9♠9♥ to the table. The Q♣J♣ dominated card room team grinder was not helped by the edge of 5♠5♥4♣7♥K♣.

Andre’s deep run could have ended hours earlier. In a triple all-in, he and André Sá held 7♠7♣ and Q♣J♥ respectively against “Wohoooooooooo”‘s A♥A♣, who had more chips than any Brazilian. The board came 9♥7♥6♦Q♥J♣ and the Austrian lost to both of his opponents, but André Berlanda won the pot. André Sá finished 34th, adding $15,287 to his bankroll.

GGPoker surpassed the $5,000,000 guaranteed, with 13,011 registered participants taking home $525 in Main Event Dollars and cashing out $6,505,500 in prize money. In addition to the gold ring, the champion earned $506,253.

André Luís Berlanda Flops, Finishes 12th in WSOP S...


  • This text highlights Brazil’s success in the WSOP Summer Circuit titles, with Vinícius RealGanjaBoy Miranda and André Luis AAlecriM Berlinda making a strong showing and earning significant prize money. The tournament saw intense matchups and dramatic moments, showcasing the skill and competitiveness of the players.

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