20 Latinos Still Dreaming of Historic $1M Mystery Millions Jackpot


20 Latinos Still Dreaming of Historic $1M Mystery...

Unbelievable! The tournament is the largest $1,000 buy-in event in history. With 22 exciting levels and pockets full of chips, players are preparing for upcoming games at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas.

After intense back and forth, huge pots and four days of poker at the highest level, only 1,005 of the 18,194 players who dared to claim glory in the qualifiers remained. Day 2 kicks off this Sunday, and Grinders are looking forward to the part of the tournament they’ve been waiting for: the mystery prize!

All eyes will be on on the treasure chest in the center of the room, because at least two people will be lucky enough to take home a million dollar prize that will change her life forever. Next, we will introduce the distribution method of the mysterious rewards for you.

At the time of writing, the odds The table has not yet been published.

Tournament will be held again, blinds 20,000/4,000, top 40,000, these are Hispanic Latino players, they will continue to participate in Illusion: Luis Martinez – 1,950,000 Jorge Hou – 1,700,000 Christian Roberts – 1,450,000 Jose Severino – 1,020,000 Victor Hernan – 1,100,000 Steven Thompson – 1,090,000 Nilo Rodriguez – 970K Leandro Lorenzi – 875K Brian Micon – 980K Roberto Piazza – 875K Bolivar Palacios – 840K Jose De LaGuardia – 730K Jorge De Oliveira – 685K Jairo Nunez – 650K Maria Lampropulos – 535K (cover photo) Emmanuel Lopez – 505K Rodrigo Dieguez – 360K Miguel Londono – 290K Rafael Rodriguez – 285K Raul Garza – 285,000 Leo Fernandez – 230,00 0 There was excitement in the air as it got ready. Who will win the grand prize? Who will be lucky enough to get the million dollar treasure? You can follow the entire event through this link.

20 Latinos Still Dreaming of Historic $1M Mystery...

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